Getmii in action with the Nepal Red Cross #getmii blood donors

Kathmandu, Nepal In the aftermath of April’s devastating Gurkha earthquake, we travelled to Kathmandu to pilot test our app with the Nepal Red Cross Blood Donation Center.

Leading the efforts, Gyanu Maharjan, founder of the Kirtipur Earthquake Relief Fund and Getmii Nepal Chair, assembled a group of 80+ eligible blood donors in and around Kathmandu.

The group met in the early morning of September 10th. After a sacred lighting ceremony from the Kirtipur Women’s Group, Getmii co-founder Max Meyer, Darryl Lau, and Matthias Jürgens instructed the group on how to use the beta app.

Later, the message “Getmii… blood donors, any type, to the Red Cross Central Blood Donation Center in Kathmandu” was posted on Getmii. The group responded to the call, and dozens gave blood. “It was a great success,” said Maharjan, “I’m really excited to apply Getmii in Nepal for many uses.”

Getmii Blood Donations #doyougetmii

Getmii meets with the Nepal Red Cross.

Getmii Nepal #doyougetmii